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The mobile work will be faster and more comfortable - with the unitop mobile app by GOB

Role-based user interface

The unitop mobile app for the iPad is the most recent product development of GOB. It provides a role-based Client Technology that has been available for use ever since the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Version 2009 was launched. It supports mobile work in many respects. The assigned Microsoft Dynamics NAV role can be instantly transferred to the iPad at the mere touch of a button. The customary work environment and once-only registration simplify data processing while travelling. Time-wasting searches are eliminated because navigation, addi-tional information and notification are closely co-ordinated with each other.


Contact list
Contact list
Edit mode
Edit mode
List view searching
List view searching

Features survey

  • Provision of a PIN code for protection against unauthorized access when starting the app
  • Coded connection set-up with the Proxy Manager via the https protocol
  • Set-up and registration data for connection with the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server
  • Calling the scroll dependent on the Windows user
  • Individual and complete synchronisation of data
  • Online access to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server to call business logics
  • Typical RTC list form to display data
  • Typical card presentation with registers display
  • Selection fields support
  • Calling linked information
  • Reports stored in the scroll centre are remote updated and loaded
  • Zoom display of reports
  • Notifications are displayed in the “Scroll Centre” of the iPad
  • Card display of clients, contacts and local suppliers
  • Status display via connections, user, client and scroll
  • Fade in/out of column headings in the list
  • Fade in/out of fields within the individual displays
  • Data record searches within the list via different fields
  • Processing and acquisition mode
  • Card view of the selected address field
  • Email dispatch out of the contact
  • Direct selection in telephone fields
  • Display of lists and details
unitop mobile app for iPad

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unitop mobile iPhone app

unitop mobile iPhone app

View and edit your Microsoft Dynamics NAV Data out of the office.

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