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Tailored planning of your IT infrastructure

The rapid technological development witnessed over the last decade places ever more complex demands on the IT solutions of small and medium-sized companies. A multitude of approaches confront customers with ever greater challenges when selecting the IT solution that is right for them. If, in the past, software was mainly used on the company's own office premises, this behaviour has undergone significant change through the development towards mobile end devices. Today, you will maximize the full potential of your applications – from, say, ERP to Office through to Business Intelligence – only if you enable your users to use them in a platform-independent and device-independent manner. 

The corollary of this in many companies is the requirement to connect online portals or even third-party systems of customers or suppliers to their own organization. A company's own IT department is frequently unable to raise the necessary resources to provide corresponding solutions for this multitude of different application scenarios such that they also comply with current data protection and data security regulations.

We therefore see it as our task to assist you with the corresponding conceptual design and to select the necessary software products and infrastructure components together with you.

As part of concept consultation, we will formulate a tailor-made solution for your respective company situation, which we will also be pleased to manage, if required.


A major part of today's requirements on IT solutions is the software.

In our own unitop concept, we use only software products from Microsoft and its partners. And there is a good reason for this: today, Microsoft is the only supplier in the world to offer us the possibility of supplying all the software components required for the operation of an organization from a single source.

This puts us in the unusual position of being able to put together for you a software package which, on the one hand, meets your needs and, on the other hand, offers the major advantage of being based on a uniform software structure.

In addition, we build on Microsoft's further development plans for the software solutions and provide security for the future development of the solution concept through high levels of investment.

IT infrastructure

Every good organization is based on a robust IT concept. Apart from the concept and the software solution, the IT hardware also plays a vital role.

There are various approaches in respect of current hardware solutions.

The 3 following scenarios will help you to assess which approach is the best option for your organization. There are good reasons and even necessities for all these approaches, which may be based on data security or data protection criteria or may have their justification in business considerations.

Together with you, we intend to develop the solution that is right for you in the long term.



The software and IT infrastructure are complemented by well-founded consultancy. With our product-independent concept advisers, experts who have the relevant know-how to assist you with key decisions are at your disposal. Product advisers accompany you through to implementation.

Our consultancy is divided into three stages:

  1. In the first stage, we define together the future-oriented IT concept that is best for you.
  2. We then move to the second stage, where we start to implement the project.
  3. As the project progresses, we will discuss who can provide long-term support for the applications or how this can be done, taking, of course, new technological aspects into account.



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