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Order Availability Management

Are you losing money due to inventory errors?

46% of companies that do not yet use an inventory availability tool lose time, money and – in the worst case – the trust of their customers.


Challenges in your day-to-day work

Vast order numbers, complex vendor relations, increasing competition and a huge flow of information: companies face ever new challenges in their day-to-day managing of pending sales orders. Only businesses with an optimised order management can stand their ground under these conditions.


Increase your efficiency in goods management now!

Start using our free app ”Order Availability Management” to increase your efficiency in order management. You and your employees can get an overview of thousands of products in hundreds of orders within seconds thanks to Order Availability Management. In addition, our customers’ experience shows an increase of over 41% in processed sales orders.


Are you still stuck in data chaos?

Your employees will quickly and easily identify the status of availability of your sales orders thanks to the signal colours of the three-colour traffic light system.

Have you ever asked yourself how to make the most of one of the following situations?

  • Sales are going very well – Quickly and easily make sure you can deliver as promised!
  • Vendors ship later than expected – Quickly and easily identify customer orders that need your attention!
  • Goods in stock have been damaged – Quickly and easily analyze if this causes a shortage on any of your customers’ orders!
  • Stock is reserved for a planned order – Quickly and easily see if stock can be freed up to generate more business!
  • Do not wait until your customer tells you there is a problem – act before!