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Frau nutzt die Cloud zum modernen Arbeiten

Modern Workplace

(Teams, Windows, Viva, etc.)

Modern Workplace

The Modern Workplace is more than just a physical location. It is a flexible and collaborative environment that enables team members to work, communicate and learn, wherever they are. Microsoft offers an array of solutions that support and foster the workplaces of today, such as:  

  • Microsoft 365: An integrated suite of cloud-based productivity, security and collaboration applications, such as Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive and SharePoint.  

  • Teams: A platform for chat, discussions, calls and webinars that enables teams to connect in real time and work on projects together.  

  • Windows 11: The latest operating system from Microsoft that offers a modern, intuitive design, together with innovative creativity, productivity and entertainment features.  

  • Windows 365: A cloud-based operating system that enables users to access a virtual Windows PC that contains their personal settings, applications and files.  

  • Viva: An employee experience platform consisting of four modules: Viva Connections for communication and engagement, Viva Insights for well-being and productivity, Viva Learning for learning and development, and Viva Topics for knowledge management.  

With these solutions, companies can configure their modern workplace and offer their employees the best possible experiences.  

GOB Grafik Microsoft Produkte: Modernes Arbeiten

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 offers a comprehensive suite of productivity tools and services, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint, which enable users to work and collaborate effectively, wherever they are.

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Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is cross-platform messaging and collaboration platform that facilitates communication and collaboration using chat, video calls and screen-sharing. 

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Windows 11

Windows 11 provides a user-friendly operating system with many new features and a reworked design, so that you can work even more efficiently and productively from now on. 

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Windows 365

Windows 365 is cloud-based virtual desktop platform that your company can use to provide its users with a secure, personalized work area, anytime and anywhere, that is scalable and easy to manage. 

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Microsoft Viva

Microsoft Viva is an employee experience platform that your company can use to support its employees by offering them personalized learning and development opportunities, well-being tools, knowledge management and team-working tools.  

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Microsoft overview

All products in the cloud

Immerse yourself in unlimited possibilities!

Microsoft Cloud is the further development of the established Office package and enables you to use Microsoft products as a cloud solution. But what does this mean for you? The business application contains a wide range of tools that make collaboration in your company easier. The results: more transparency, faster processes and increased effectiveness.


Which products are part of Microsoft Cloud?

The Microsoft portfolio with Word, Excel and PowerPoint at its heart has been expanded to include products such as Teams, OneNote, SharePoint, Flow and many other tools besides. The functionalities included in Microsoft Cloud are therefore being expanded all the time. Thanks to the cloud, you can benefit from them too and will always have access to the latest version. 

Microsoft 365. Übersicht der Produktlogos

A long-term partnership

We are the GOB TEAM – your Microsoft solutions partner

As an SME ourselves, we know what SMEs need 

With half a century of experience in serving the needs of SMEs from the industrial, commercial and non-profit sectors, we work with our customers on an equal level and focus on their own individual needs. Our workforce is our greatest strength. We are extremely aware of this, which is why the continuous development and training of our 300+ employees forms a significant feature of our working relationship. The mix is what makes it! Our staff have experience in the most diverse range of areas and specialist fields. This therefore provides genuine added value for all involved!  

But that is not all. What use is the best software if we do not help our customers to use it properly? That is why we are passionate about ensuring that each individual person is included on the journey into the digital world. We will guide you throughout your journey – at a pace that suits you. Step by step. Successful and effective communication is important to us, which is why providing service and advice on an equal footing is our highest priority. 

From ideas to implementation 

Rely on Microsoft Cloud and unlock the full potential that the solution has to offer. What we recommend first is to devise a strategy that can be applied across your company as a whole and we will be happy to help you achieve that. Our offering is based upon many years of experience in consultancy and in implementing Microsoft Cloud projects. Our experts will be pleased to advise you about the potential benefits of developing a Microsoft Cloud strategy and introducing and implementing a Microsoft Cloud solution. We look forward to talking to you about how we can assist you on your digitalization journey. 

Microsoft solutions partner for Business Applications and Modern Work 
(Business Applications & Modern Work) 

We received an award from Microsoft in recognition of our successes, our training and our strategies as solutions partner in Business Applications and Modern Work.  

This means that we offer high-quality solutions utilizing Dynamics 365, Power Platform and Microsoft 365. We know what to do to get the most out of Microsoft's services and can therefore offer you the most effective solutions with the best possible support. 

Microsoft Solutions Partner Geschäftsanwendungen

Scope of Services

To be followed by an extract from our Scope of Services

Boosting profitability

Automation and smart solutions can save you time, stress and money. 

Process optimization

Make the most effective use of your capacities, while making it easier for your workforce to collaborate. 

Intelligent linking

Use Microsoft 365 to link all divisions of your company together and ensure that collaboration is both seamless and simple. 

Transparency and overview

Identify in suitable time what stage your projects have reached and maintain a comprehensive overview, so you can intervene rapidly whenever necessary. 

Solutions based on standard technology

Make use of tried-and-tested tools and processes and expand them at your own initiative. 

Future-proofing your systems

Benefit from the continuous development at Microsoft and call on a worldwide network of partners that is known for its strength. A safe choice, both now and in the future.