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Complete control in prefabrication and pre-cut to your customers' requirements

with unitop ERP Metal trading & Service centre

unitop ERP Metal trading & Service centre – the all-in-one software for metal trade and steel service centres

As a metal trader, steel trader or steel service centre you deal with high-quality metal and steel products that you cut according to your customers’ requirements, if required. This often poses a lot of challenges to you: fluctuating cost prices, managing different surcharges and measurements, or controlling the internal and external prefabrication. unitop ERP Metal trading & Service centre is specifically designed for these requirements by trade businesses with steel, stainless steel, tube, sheet, and metal products and for service centres.

Our software for steel service centres covers all of your processes in all business areas, from enterprise-resource planning through production and the CRM to financial accounting. The flexible management of units is an essential characteristic of our industry solution. unitop ERP Metal trading & Service centre allows you to manage parallel item units (items in pieces, length, surface, or weight) and to automatically convert within the units. This feature is controlled by a profile code that can be assigned to each product. Another characteristic of the software for service centres is the management of measurements. You can manage any number of measurements or residual lengths (for coil material) for each item. This way, you have flexibility and a good overview in the stock list without inflating it unnecessarily.

You can assign a surcharge for a rise in prices to each raw material that can be shown and calculated in the item calculation, simplifying commercial processing.

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Integrated ERP system

We support you in reaching your goals with our software solution unitop ERP Metal trading & Service centre. This software is designed specifically for the requirements of medium-sized metal traders & service centres and maps the complete process chain of trade and production in an integrated way. The industry solution is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and offers you familiar user interfaces and a long-term security of your investment.

By using a modern, all-in-one industry solution you profit from the following advantages:

  • Integration of accounting and cost accounting
  • Reduction of isolated solutions and separate Excel lists
  • Optimized stock
  • Reacting fast and flexibly to customer requests
  • Optimum capacity utilization
  • Minimization of lead times
  • Flexible production planning and control
  • Prevention of double data entries
  • Mobile use for warehouse, manufacturing & sales
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Our Services

unitop ERP Metal trading & Service centre

unitop comes with an integrated certificate management. Factory certifications can be archived from the notification of the supplier and allocated to the delivery batches. This allows you to give detailed information on your stock before it actually arrives in your warehouse. All of this is paperless & digital. You can also transmit batch details digitally per EDI. This saves editing time and lowers the risk for errors.

You can connect your high-rack warehouse to unitop to optimize your logistics. You can manage all processes from goods receipt to goods issue without having to enter any data in the warehouse. The high-rack cassettes needed for picking can be requested e. g. through the ERP system, allowing for individual control of the order and priority of cassettes to be removed.

GOB offers service centres the possibility to connect nesting and ERP software to optimize the sheet cuts before processing. This optimizes and reduces scrap. Calculations become more accurate and confirmation to colleagues working at the cutting table becomes child’s play. You can confirm all parts that were cut according to the nesting plan to the ERP system with one click. And all that while keeping track of the original batch.

Do you want to offer your customers the possibility to order your products in a shop or to download certificates to a delivery from a portal? unitop provides you with the opportunity to do so. The required interfaces are already available in the standard software and can be connected to your shop or your portals.

The sales department always needs all information of a customer. Which goods have been delivered yet? Which invoice still needs to be paid? Are there any current complaints or what is the remainder of the blanket order? Is our consignment stock sufficient?  unitop always gives you all the answers at a glance. The integrated contact cockpit gives you the required information in a clearly arranged presentation.

Organization is essential for the filing of documents, whether it concerns a folder in a shelf or the digital filing system in the document management system. The advantage of the digital filing system is obvious. The ERP system automatically files all sent documents for you. This includes emails in unitop. Each user can access all relevant documents from their workplace this way. Search and research times are reduced and transparency is improved.

unitop offers flexible possibilities for the definition of materials in the item management.  

The item and batch overview offers a detailed overview of the existing amounts and goods movements at any time. The items can be managed through material attributes like quality, standard, or other attributes that can be defined freely. This simplifies the search and also helps with finding alternative materials fast and easily.

unitop allows you to map the digitalization of your purchase and sales procedures easily with the integrated EDI converter. You avoid extra costs for external EDI service providers. The digitalization of your business processes greatly reduces the internal processing time while increasing customer loyalty.

You can manage trade measurements and also deviating dimensions in unitop. The system helps the user in creating orders, creating new measurements, and choosing the suitable material in the stock. This results in more time for consulting and supporting customers.

No matter if you only conduct a saw cut or if your products are manufactured in several internal and external process steps like baking, chamfering, welding, painting, etc. and are then mounted to an assembly group: unitop ensures that you always keep track of the manufacturing progress and of the costs involved, thus enabling post calculation in real time.

Prices and surcharges can be managed easily in unitop. The system will help you with the pricing. In case of manual discounts, the system can check whether defined minimum margins are observed.

Your customers often have detailed requests for the goods ordered, which makes it important to consider this information when choosing the primary material in the warehouse. The primary-material based planning enables you to create production orders for existing primary material for one or more sales orders but also for make-to-stock production. Semi-finished material (a split coil, a divided sheet) can be included in the planning, allowing you to use planned semi-finished materials as components for other production orders.

unitop offers an integrated data-warehouse concept. This allows for enhancing all data in the ERP system with other data (shop systems, forwarding data, etc.) and evaluating it within the system. The BI system informs you when certain metrics have reached a defined threshold value.

unitop includes quality management for the target specifications of qualities and standards and for individual test steps and characteristics of prefabricated parts. You create acceptance tests, intermediate tests, and goods issuing tests with unitop. If customers request individual test steps, you can provide them with a log of these test steps.

You have to act fast in day-to-day work, so unitop lets you register all documents out of the sales document. In unitop, you can create all processes conveniently in just one document, saving time – whether it’s warehouse stock, an order-related acquisition, drop shipping, prefabrication, or all three variants at once.

Managing warehouse stock is a challenging task, especially when batch numbers are used. unitop offers the user in the warehouse and in production all features of the ERP system on a mobile device. All goods movements and production steps can be registered directly on site this way. This results in greater transparency in the warehouse and ensures complete tracking from goods receipt through production to goods issue.