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Mail order

Substantially reduce your cost and competitive pressures with unitop mail order software

unitop ERP Mail order ensures that you as the distributor are anything but unsuccessful

You are increasingly experiencing the impact of globalisation, especially as a small or medium-sized mail order business. It is easy today for your customers to go on a shopping spree all around the world. This puts pressure on your margins – with rising costs at the same time – for example, for warehousing and logistics. The challenge for you to remain competitive in regional, national and international markets and run a profitable business is even greater. As mail order and Microsoft Dynamics Business Central experts we don't just know about this challenge. We support you above all in mastering this challenge with unitop ERP Mail order software. With unitop your processes will gain transparency, speed and quality and your business will become more competitive.

Suitable for any size of business

unitop Mail Order software is an innovative and functional business solution providing maximum investment security and future security: it is continuously being further developed by Microsoft and GOB and is also available internationally. It is suitable for any size of business and any form of warehousing and logistics thanks to its scalable design.

First class infrastructure and working environment

Stable operation

unitop is so well-engineered that it reflects the processes in your industry in standard functions like no other ERP software for e-commerce and multichannel trade. This high level of standardization accelerates the implementation and supports a stable continuous operation, easy updating and maintenance and low-cost Cloud hosting, if needed. It goes without saying that unitop can easily be adapted to your individual requirements if desired.

Convenient to use

GOB: a strong partner. We look back on more than 1,000 international and national projects that have been implemented successfully. These experiences are reflected in the development of our unitop solutions. As a result, we offer our customers a wide range of functionality and extensive knowledge of various industry sectors.

Data access worldwide

As you conduct your day-to-day business completely from unitop, you and your employees always have access to all relevant data and data sources in your business – anywhere in the world and with any device. Interfaces and sources of error disappear, thus creating transparency: you save time and money with your software for the Mail order trade.

Individual interface design

In addition to the mail order trade software, we also provide you with a technical platform for the operation of unitop. We consistently focus on Microsoft products – including Exchange for e-mail communication, SQL Server for databases as well as SharePoint for collaboration. Therefore, you don't just get a homogeneous infrastructure but also the optimum basis for the smooth operation of your mail order software. You also benefit from a long-term support warranty – as a result of the partnership between Microsoft and GOB.

How can unitop help you?

unitop mail order software offers optimum local support

From order management through to a certified CEP service provider connection

unitop Mail Order software is an all-in-one business solution that fully covers industry-specific requirements – tailored to the needs of your small or medium-sized mail order business. The focus is on the flexibility of processes instead of on complex functions. This means that the dynamic concept of an efficiently operating business stems from a static software concept. unitop Mail Order software ensures that there is a perfect synthesis of all business processes across all sites, businesses and countries and that communication in all directions works properly.

Produktionshalle und Lager

What can unitop do?

unitop is primarily based on the following functions:

You can very easily control and manage international orders, especially container management, with your unitop ERP Mail Order software. You maintain important information in the purchase order:

  • Ship number
  • ETD (date on which the goods leave the sea port)
  • ETA (estimated date of arrival at the destination port)

The updating of quantities and dates is easy to define and the subsequent transport costs per container according to the net weight or volume are allocated to your mail order software.

Essential for mail order business: you have all information about prospective customers, customers and suppliers at a glance on one screen in the contact cockpit – from contact details for all contacts, completed tasks, open transactions (orders, emails, complaints, phone messages) through to unpaid invoices.

Substantially reduce your employees' search times by using the document management function of your mail order software for the transaction-based storage of internal and external documents, such as emails, incoming mail, orders, delivery notes, incoming and outgoing invoices or shipping documents. You can also, for example, provide information quickly and systematically in the event of any queries.

Your mail order software enables you to exchange data with your business partners in EDIFACT format. You can perform the mapping between the Microsoft Dynamics NAV user data and the data exchange tables yourself.

Just a few clicks of the mouse provide clarity in terms of customs regulations as you submit export applications electronically to the customs authorities with this module. You receive an immediate response regarding export approvals or rejections thanks to the online connection to your mail order software.

Online shops and marketplaces can be connected to your mail order software via standard interfaces or operated directly from Microsoft Dynamics Business Central. You can maintain the entire setup and logic of an online shop and online marketplace in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central. Our customers already use standard interfaces for the following online shops and marketplaces:

  • Online shops (Magento, Intershop, xt:commerce, Shopware and many more)
  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Independent online shops, integrated into unitop ERP Mail Order

Your unitop Mail Order software also supports the connection to payment providers, such as PayPal, Saferpay, Wirecard, etc. 

With the control console in unitop ERP Mail Order you can allocate available stock to open orders or specifically cancel outstanding balances. The availability of individual orders including positions is clearly mapped in your mail order software using a traffic light system. Orders can be released manually or automatically via a delivery proposal.

Display almost all well-known delivery agents integrated in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central with the certified shipping solution in your mail order software.

Optimise your warehouse. With your unitop Mail Order software you can use state-of-the-art technologies, for example, to support picking, warehousing, the relocation of items or your stock, thus keeping processes transparent and your goods flowing smoothly. We use the following technologies today:

  • Truck guidance systems
  • Mobile data acquisition systems
  • Pick by voice
  • Pick/put by light

Submit credit checks per debtor or order to a portal directly online via your mail order software. Requests are carried out automatically through a direct connection to Microsoft Dynamics Business Central. You can easily combine the respective checks and information files into an optimised credit check.

Learn more about your returns. The related documents (credit note, replacement delivery, complaint to suppliers, etc.) can be initiated directly via the process in your mail order software. Reasons for returns classify the respective processes and enable you to evaluate the reasons and frequencies.

Support all standard processes in your business via the warehouse management system in your warehouse management software: from goods receipt, warehousing and picking through to goods issue. The WMS supplements the scope of standard modules in the warehouse domain with important functions and offers an almost unlimited database to enhance all processes within a warehouse. The aim is to focus on the simplicity, transparency, flexibility, integration, speed and other advantages of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central.

Workflow makes your work routines more efficient when several employees are involved - from the checking of incoming invoices and complaints through to the maintenance of item master data. You can always be sure that the defined tasks are completed on schedule in the correct order. Your employees automatically receive notification from your mail order software. Workflow provides valuable services, especially for time-critical processes or approval procedures.