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Microsoft Teams

the virtual workspace for easy collaboration.

The virtual workspace for easy collaboration.

Microsoft Teams is the tool for productive collaboration. The fast exchange of information plays an important role in the modern working world, whether the exchange is with customers, suppliers, or between colleagues. A direct exchange can take place verbally per phone or in a video conference as well as in written form per chat or email. 

The common storage of documents and data can be very helpful for working together on projects or everyday tasks. Microsoft Teams is a solution for seamless collaboration, a virtual workspace that unites a variety of tools and supports working together. 

Zwei Frauen steh im Büro und schauen auf einen Laptop.

Teams 365 features – creating new ways of collaboration

Microsoft Teams supports your employees in the day-to-day business, helps in cross-project work in a team and can optimize your business processes. It is not important whether the employee is in the same building or on a different continent or which device is used to access the application. Microsoft Teams offers numerous possibilities for improving productivity and communication. (To the demo-version)

Chat and video calls

The new way of communicating between interdisciplinary teams or for personal agreements between customers and employees, quick and simple. 

Working on documents together

Work on documents simultaneously with other people, without any saving conflicts and without having to bother with sending the documents back and forth.

Smart extensions

Create your individual virtual workspace with more than 250 applications and services. 

Driving communication and interaction

Share information with each other and stay connected without an annoying flood of emails. Let your team know your reactions by using the well-known “I like” statements.

Organizing online meetings

Organize virtual meetings easily to stay connected with your team and your customers.

Living collaboration

Tear down barriers and use Teams as platform for collaboration. Collaborate without barriers at any time, anywhere, with any device, via an app or the web browser. 

Useful indexing by keyword

Index important information by keyword to categorize it and to share it with specific recipients throughout your company.


Intelligent communication in Microsoft Teams. Whether it’s questions, suggestions, or starting processes. Let the chatbot do the work for you.

Integrating apps individually in Microsoft Teams

You can connect numerous apps in Microsoft Teams to customize your virtual workspace. You can make questionnaires with Microsoft Forms, use Microsoft Planner to manage tasks optimally, and these are only a few examples.

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Your benefit

Central data storage spares you long searches and unifies your business processes.

Easy sharing of data, texts, images, and video

Employees can collaborate with each other or access important data anywhere and at any time.

Add more applications to Teams to react flexibly to new requirements.

The easy communication makes for more ideas and impulses from your business areas.

Use Teams with any terminal device, either with the app or with the web browser. This allows you to directly access your files with your smartphone during a customer call.

Virtual meetings spare you long, expensive business trips. You save time and money with exchanges in the virtual workspace.

We are Team GOB, your partner for Microsoft Teams

We truly are a medium-sized company, just like our customers. Half a century of experience with small and medium-sized businesses from industry, trade, and the non-profit sector enables us to meet our customers eye to eye and to adjust to their individual needs.

Our employees are our greatest potential. We know that, and that is why continuous development and further education of our more than 300 employees is an essential characteristic of working together. It’s all in the mix. Our employees bring experiences from various (specialized) industries, a real added value for everyone involved! 
But that is not all. What is the point of the best software solution if our customers are not able to use it the right way? Taking every single person with us on the journey into the digital world is a matter of great importance to us. We will take you by the hand and we will walk the way together with you at your individual pace. Step by step. Successful communication is very important to us, which is why consulting and service “eye to eye” is also a top priority for us.

Over time, the wide variety of the Microsoft world became established with our customers. Applications like Microsoft Teams become the central hub of business communication. Other applications are often integrated in Teams to offer employees opportunities to make their working life more efficient and to speed up processes.

From the idea to going live

Behind Microsoft Teams is a powerful tool. We recommend that you inform yourself thoroughly about it first and map out a strategy that is applied throughout your whole business. We will be happy to help you with it and to advise you on possible solutions. Do not hesitate to give us a call.

Our services in detail:

  • Webinar or workshop introducing the tool and the solution to inspire you
  • Workshop to identify potentials
  • Workshop to identify the requirements of governance and compliance
  • Analysis of the existing IT infrastructure
  • Analysis of the resources involved
  • Cost analysis
  • Generation of a utilization concept 
  • Planning workshop for the introduction of Teams
  • Provision of the necessary IT infrastructure, e. g.: 
    • Transfer from Exchange to Exchange Online
    • Provision of fixed network telephony access
  • Setup of Teams and Microsoft 365
  • Finalizing the utilization concept for key users
  • Employee trainings for the introduction and use of Teams
  • Solution rollout and accompanying measures (project management)
  • Support
  • Provision of additional licenses
  • Documentation

What actually is behind Microsoft Teams? Microsoft Teams offers you a wide range of features that support the collaboration in your business. Various applications are available to you. We will give you a rough outline of the application in our webinar.

Microsoft Teams

Examples of GOB using Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a basic application in our own GOB workspace and is used to share information and to communicate within teams, departments and interdisciplinary project teams.

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